Pip (beetle_breath) wrote in deadkittydesign,

How to: Get that trendy dotted brush

I was bored and annoyed with all the requests for 'dotted brushes' in all my brush communities, so I decided to make a tutorial on how to make them yourself. It's very easy, but if I've confused anyone, feel free to tell me. =) This, as are all my tutorials, is for Photoshop.

(As a point of reference, throughout all of this, the brush size I'm using is 5px with the hardness set to 100%. But you can use any setting you'd like.)

Open your brushes menu. This is NOT what I mean. If you don't know how, go to the Window tab and click brushes.

And now, this menu should appear on the right side of the screen:

As you can tell by my neat little circle, we're going to be messing with the 'spacing' option. Play with the arrow and see what results. 

For example: 

And here's what results:

So now you can go forth and sign a lot of dotted lines...or something. Hope it helped!

Tags: tutorial
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